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Banshee Spitfire


The newly revamped Spitfire V2 feature the Banshee’s all new KS-Link suspension platform, 650B compatibility, adjustable geometry and dropouts, and small geometry and travel tweaks. This is the downhiller's trail bike. With slack and low geometry, the Spitfire rails the turns and descends like no 5" travel bike you've ridden before. Its not just about the descents though... The Spitfire's highly efficient KS-link suspension lets you charge up the climbs too.

 banshee spitfire 2016

2016 banshee spitfire colors

banshee spitfire geometry 2016

KS link



KSlink modular dropout settings.png

New modular dropout for range of geometry options!

The shock is actuated directly by the seat stays, which means less rotation on the shock DU bushing,  and a very active suspension which delivers better small bump compliance.


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KS Link System

KS LinkBanshee's new KS Link system uses the best elements of the VF4B link, but almost eliminates the rotation at the shock DU bushings for a more supple suspension action, and can be more finely tuned and offers more space for geometry manipulation for less compromise. The pivots will all run on fully sealed INA bearings on grade 5 6Al4V titanium pivot axles and bolts.

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banshee logo fakawibikesFakawiBikes is a Malaysian-based rider-owned distributor company that strives to bring the best products to the local riders that the market has to offer.

We are the distributors and retailers of Banshee Bikes for Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

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You can probably assume that if you roll up on someone anywhere in the world and you're both riding a Banshee, they'll acknowledge you. Banshee riders recognize that they are connected in a certain way...

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