You'll not find another bike brand (including the big corporate ones) who have invested as much as us in alloy manufacturing technology and tooling.

We are Invested in Your Ride!

Example... This complex 3D forging aligns the grains of the metal to make it about 10% stronger than if it were simply machined from billet. Plus it uses less energy to make than machining from billet, and all off-cuts from post machining are melted down and used for next forging. The result is an incredible strength to weight ratio part that contains all the rear suspension loads. It's arguably one of the most technologically advanced section of any bike on the planet.


Engineered Compliance

Using fundimental principals and FEA simulations Keith (Banshee’s engineer / owner) has strategically machined the yokes and dropouts of the paradox V3 to offer a level of vertical compliance that other aluminum alloy hardtails cannot match.
By designing in optimized flex into each forged component they work together as a system to take the edge off the sharpest hits as you ride. Yet at the same time lateral stiffness is maintained to maximize power transfer and efficiency.
This all results in a more traction, a nice playful feeling and an all round more comfortable ride, so that you can ride faster and further.
Found on the Paradox V3



Custom Hydroformed Tubeset

Hydroforming is a process that enables us to maximize strength to weight ratio of our tubesets by tightly controlling cross-sectional shape and wall thickness exactly throughout the length of each 7005 T6 tube.
Combined with multiple FEA load simulations to optimize every element of the design for each tube for each frame, hydroforming enables us to maximize frame performance. Creating complex shaped tubes to maximize specific strength while minimizing weight and control the stiffness profile to give us desired ride characteristic.
Other benefits of using hydroformed tubes include less welds, less waste material, and higher precision when compared to standard tubes.
We use this process on all our frames to ensure that Banshee frames have superior strength to weight ratio, and optimized stiffness profiles for maximum performance on the trail.
Found on all models.


Shock Cage

The shock cage is a complex 3D forged section that is the foundation of the KS2 platform. By forging this as one large piece per side rather than simply machining from billet or making in multiple sections, the final design is significantly stronger, lighter and stiffer to create a solid foundation for the whole frame. It might be a far more expensive and difficult option than most brands use… but it makes a huge difference to ride quality, and we always put the performance of our products above all else.

Load isolation - The 3D forged shock 7005 T6 cage of the KS2 design contains all the rear suspension loads that are amplified by leverage ratios within the forged section. Effectively equalizing these loads within the cage and isolating them from rest of the frame. This results in a better front triangle with all high loads contained by the strongest section.

Low center of gravity - Mounting the shock low down in the shock cage results in an incredibly low center of gravity. Making the bike more stable when things get rough, easier to lean over into corners to carry more speed and helps initiate turns faster.

Found on Spitfire V3, Prime V3, Phantom V3, Rune V3 and Titan


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