We delight ourselves in bikes and all stuffs related to it. Since this is our story, let us be frank with you, we started FakawiBikes to indulge ourselves in our passion and at the same time we hope to be unselfish and share it with you.

Legally we are prohibited from making exaggerated claims about our bikes, namely, Banshee, therefore legally we won't tell you that from years of riding since the infancy of mountain biking, this is one of the best riding bikes that you may have ever stridden across.

Legally, we won't be able to tell you who bought Banshee after Banshee, the only bike that puts back joy into your XC or testosterone for your DH.

Yup, we are just regular riders like most of you out there, saner than some, nuttier than most.

If you are a bike geek, don't take our word for it, you'd find out for yourself.

If you are not a bike geek, we welcome you into this world and we wish you all the best in sifting through tonnes of sleek marketing material.

We went through the same learning curve and came out as Fakawi Bikes.
Bike Hard.

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Bike nuts. Bike geeks. If you are not offended by those terms but in fact wear it like a badge of honour - yo https://www.fakawibikes.com/v3/ Super User
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