What started out as a simple whatsApp chat about doing some jungle ride has turned into an all day bike, hike and slash across two states through the overgrown Janda Baik - Kenaboi trail. Riders: OIIIIIO James , RImba Rob, Chiefy Big Shout out to Cherry Chalet for the awesome post ride feast!

Interstate Jungle Recce: Janda Baik Kenaboi Trail Super User

Fakawi Banshee Team's race outing today at the Scarfox Bukit Dinding Downhill Race 3.O. Watch and learn some of the riders' sneaky secret lines here!

Bukit Dinding Downhill Race 3.0 2019 Super User

Multi-day jungle bikecamping with the Seekers of Good Times. Music : Wildfire by Bipul Chettri

Jungle Ride with The Seekers of Good Times Super User

Gruelling day-long mountain bike climb (and DH) in the mountains of Malaysia. Jungle biking at its best!

Fakawi Mountain Epic Super User
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